What is Arts Pathways?

ISK’s Arts Pathways course is an independent study aimed at self-motivated and creative thinking students, passionately interested in the Arts.  Students have the opportunity to either work across combinations of the 3 disciplines, Music, Theatre & Visual Arts respectively, or to focus more specifically within one or two Arts subjects.  The creative approach to multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects provide opportunities for deeper learning. Together with a mentor, students design an individual Creative Learning Plan outlining their artistic intentions and goals. The mentor’s role is to guide the student through the process.  This is a standards based course closely aligned and individually designed to the relevant Music, Theatre and/or Visual Arts standards. The course itself is intended to provide students with opportunities for experiential, personalized and integrated learning. For students intending to continue in further education in the Arts this a great opportunity to extend and deepen their application portfolio work.

The Creative Process

Throughout the course a Process Journal is an essential tool in an individual student’s creative process (appropriate to the discipline a student is working in), as they explore their personal inquiry.  A final presentation is also required, and assessed, as a culminating activity appropriately designed in accordance to an individual student’s artistic intentions and portfolio. 

What is Arts Pathways?

No Scheduled Classes: 

Instead, students work independently, consulting regularly with their mentors. 


No One-Hour Schedule: 

Instead, students spend one and/or two semesters working on their creative inquiry and portfolio.

Arts Collaboration:  

Students have the potential to work across the Arts disciplines, as best suits their personal goals and ambitions.

No Grades: 

Instead, we have portfolios that document students’ creative inquiry and process work.

Learning Spaces:  

Students are encouraged to use the ISK HS Arts facilities and studios, as best suits  their personal goals and ambitions.

Learning Outcomes

This course is designed to advance individual student’s technical skills and knowledge of the Arts, as a personalized creative inquiry and learning experience.  Students create comprehensive portfolios to document their creative inquiry and process work, in a form appropriate and relevant to their chosen creative expression.  Also as a culminating activity and celebration of individual student learning Exhibitions & Performances are required, specifically designed and prepared as best suits individual student’s artistic expression.

Exhibitions & Performance:  

As a culminating activity and celebration of individual student learning Exhibitions & Performances are required, designed and prepared as best suits individual student’s personal achievements and artistic expression.