Exploring Color and Texture

Artistic Exploration

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Design / Artistic Process

My first artwork was the basis of the rest of my pieces, this was my first time working with acrylic paint, and I love it! Acrylic is my favorite medium, and from then forward I have been focusing on finding creative ways to use acrylic paint to create different pieces that evoke different emotions. My largest hurdle was finding my confidence as an artist, working on pieces that I felt not only proud of but ones that evoke the emotions I wanted. I worked through this through trial and error, as well as working on my patience and trusting the process. I learned to trust that my artistic visions will be realized as the paintings progress and that many times, the original vision alters into something better. The most interesting part of this whole learning experience was seeing how my journal progressed. I struggled many times to document the entire work process, but it was great to reflect on it, as well as have a place to “brain dump,” I used my journal to inspire other pieces of work, particularly for embracing color schemes and pieces I liked.  

The course has truly helped me in my artistic journey, as well as encouraged my passion for art. I loved being able to work on my own curriculum and follow my own schedule and focus on the area of art I am most passionate about. As usual art courses have a more general focus, it was great to be able to work on my own pieces and interests! I improved tremendously as an artist by working solely on my own goals. 

Link to Process Journal and Final Reflection Video

Please post a link to your process journal (website, Google Doc, etc…) and / or embed your final reflection video