Design Problem

The current problem with the watering system is that the people in charge of watering the plants can sometimes forget to water the plants or put too much or too little on them.

An automatic watering system will help rule out human error by water the plants with the correct amount of water, at the correct time, and watering the plants equally.

Design Process

This was the first design of how we wanted to make. It was useful in figuring out what needed to be done. We had to print casings for both of them.

The above components make up the main part of the irrigation system. The Yellow wires leading from the moisture detector allow the input from it to feed into the mini-Ardunio. The Red wires are from the wireless broadcasters on both the devices. The relay in the device on the lower left boosts the power to the valve so that it may open and close.

These photos are from the new improvements on the waterproof conateirs. This is the new and improved version of the design, with a see-through, laser cut cover so that we can see what is going on inside without having to take the cover off. There is a hole in the side where the power cable can go in and we are going to fill that in with putty. The reason that the hole next to the holder of the valve is not filled in is because there was a problem with the screw and it broke out some of the filling. The power cable is repurposed by stripping the wire and soldiering both ends to the power leads in the electronics. We have put in two extra batteries in parallel with the first to provide more power. they will fail at the same time. 

The detector fails after 3 days.

This schematic shows the wiring in more detail. It was made using Fritzing, and it does look quite chaotic, but there is order. I had to test each wire to see where it went to each specific component. The solenoid valve has its own special wiring.

Link to Process Journal and Final Reflection Video

Describe your design process. Include relevant photos and/or drawings. Discuss any challenges you faced and how you overcame them.