Design Problem

Lots of farm workers are serving their last breath transporting fertilizers, seeds and farm products. A lot of energy is also required during ploughing and seed planting. These processes consume a lot of energy and time. This poses a great challenge as some farmers do not complete the ploughing process within the required time and season. A machine is required to make the process easier and faster. The wheelbarrow 2.0 , with its improved efficiency and electric motor, will make the farmers work load much easier when it comes to ploughing, planting seeds and carrying loads such as a bags of fertilizer, seeds and farm products.

Design Process

First step is to move the battery to the front of the wheelbarrow to obtain an even center of mass, to improve stability of the wheelbarrow. Next is to change the sproket to a bigger size to increase the torque of the motor. The second to last step is to make the lithium battery chargable adding a 47 volt output so the electric wheelbarrow can be used again in the farm.

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