Recycled Plastic Fishing Lure

Design Problem

Discarded plastic is a huge problem in Kenya’s lake, rivers and ocean. Fishing lures cost a lot of money and are not affordable for the average Kenyan fisherman / angler, as a result many local fishermen resort to destructive fishing practices such as gill netting and dynamite fishing. My challenge was trying to design an affordable and successful fishing lure using waste plastic, thereby helping local fishermen and cleaning up the environment at the same time.

Design Process

Using the 3D printer and laser cutter I was able to design several different moulds which were used to form fishing lures out of recycled HDPE. After testing them I have gone through several versions changing the shape, weight and materials.  So far I have only tested them in the ISK pool and they seem to “swim” well and I now look forward to testing them in an actual lake and seeing how they catch!

Link to Process Journal and Final Reflection Video

Link to Project Documentation and Process Journal